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Based in Los Angeles, Melanie Escombe specializes in black and white photography, concert photography, and promotional band photography. Having grown up immersed in the music industry Melanie has a natural gift for capturing the emotive moments behind the music, making her the photographer of choice for many artists.


The first time I saw Mel's black and white photography my jaw literally hung open...I feel continually blessed to be one one of her chosen subjects, her work is nothing short of fantastic. And she talks with that sweet funny accent, which is always entertaining.

- Jason Achilles Mezilis, OWL, Organic Audio Recorders, Spider-Man

Melanie's love of rock and roll comes through in every pixel of her photos. She has the uncanny ability to capture the essence of what makes each of her subjects exciting and unique. I'm very blessed to have her as a little sister. Not only is she a great photographer with a distinctive style and feel, she's also a very talented and intuitive graphic designer who can turn around complex briefs in super quick time. I've always been very happy (and proud) of the work she has done for me, which includes full album artwork, poster and logo design, band photos, headshots and t-shirts.

- Luke Escombe, songwriter/musician/ creator of The Vegetable Plot

Most photographers talk about capturing the moment. They want to find that sweet spot. Not a lot of times do you see someone creating there own moments. Kind of like seeing the future. Most all of my photos are done by Mel. It's almost like the photograph takes her. What she captures is the true essence of not just the moment, but the feeling of both audience and performer....... almost on demand! That is very rare. You must have a good grip on some deep sh*t to do that!

- Mike Hayes, Mike Hayes Music, D'Angelico Guitarist

Melanie's photography captures spirit as well as light. She understands that her job is to bring a feeling to the viewer more so than simply  documenting an event.

- Pete Pidgeon, Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda, FU^K

Melanie takes some of the best live photos I've ever seen. She captures a moment in time with perfection! If I could I would have Melanie follow me around everywhere!

- Jarod Woznik, Guitarist, Guitar Tech - Lita Ford, Tour Manager 

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